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Brock Crocodile is a fast paced 2D action platformer that's a love letter to 16 bit mascot games of the 90s! Starring Brock, a red croc, you'll be armed with your trusty whip and fruitgun as you travel through Crocodillian Island taking you from ancient ruins to secret volcanic bases to defeat the wicked Wize!

Brock takes a lot of inspiration from popular 80s shows too, groups of rampaging turtles and insane ducks will be standing in our hero's way as he tries to protect a powerful relic that everyone has their sight on. You'll be battling against giant mechanical bee kaijus to an ape with the ability to control electricity.

But it's not all hardwork! Players can return to the relaxing Crocoh Lake for some sweet R n' R and speak with the town folks to get hints or even stock up on weapon and health items. You can also listen to the ingame soundtrack at home, which has been developed to be an authentic 16 bit soundtrack!

So if you want relive a bit of the 90s, then check out Brock Crocodile and let the adventure begin!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Pixel Art


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